Hollywood and Highland is more than just an intersection: It is a tourist mecca, filled with stellar entertainment, dining and shopping destinations. This three-story complex offers a peek into Hollywood history, while serving as a home base for numerous entertainment industry events.

Located right in the heart of Hollywood, the bustling shopping complex has been credited for breathing new life into its surrounding areas. Built to the cost of approximately 615 million dollars, it opened its doors in 2001. The complex's courtyard was inspired by the D.W. Griffith film Intolerance, and its center boasts stunning views of the legendary Hollywood sign and the Hollywood Hills. Occupying nearly two whole blocks, Hollywood & Highland is comprised of 75 shops and restaurants, a movie theater, a nightclub, 65,000 square feet of gathering spaces, the Loews Hollywood Hotel, TV broadcast studios and last but not least, the Dolby Theatre.

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Hollywood and Highland - 0.5 mi. 10 Mins Walk from the hotel